“Affordable” products, a good idea? It all depends on which

THE low price products are widely popular with consumers since the start of the inflationary crisis in France. There review 60 million consumers compared the corresponding “low price” products for 10 major brand foods in order to observe their “nutritive and qualitative interest”. Flour, sugar or chicken… In total, the magazine screened “110 products”.

Results ? “50% of matches won against the big brands,” announced the magazine 60 million consumers, published by the National Institute of Consumption (INC). It appears that for the least processed products (flour, salt or sugar for example), the compositions differ relatively little and that the lower priced, less expensive products are the winners.

For the shells, the magazine still reminds that it is “impossible” to know what will be quality in the mouth pasta “before helping yourself to a plate”. But as the first-price product (in this case from the leader in large-scale food distribution E.Leclerc) “is almost half as expensive” per kilo as the major brand equivalent, it “deserves to be tested”, believes -he.

“Read labels carefully”

On the other hand, the lowest priced animal products, “egg, chicken, beef or sardine” lose their match against the big brands, due to the conditions in which the animals are raised or their diet, noted Sophie Coisne, the editor-in-chief.

Finally, the products produced (chocolate cakes, spread) have “few noble ingredients, many additives, little environmental ethics”, underlines the magazine, calling for people to “read the labels carefully”. “They do not always provide access to quality food, as is the case with white hams and pain au chocolat full of additives! »

However, the big brand equivalents are not always exemplary either. “Only two inexpensive spreads rival the famous Nutella in the quantity of hazelnuts,” observes the magazine, “but all are full of sugar and bad fats.”

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