Afida Turner pays tribute to Tina Turner in “Touche pas à mon poste”

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VIDEO – The singer and actress was present on the set of “TPMP” following the death of the planetary star who was also her mother-in-law.

On May 24, the world learned the death of Tina Turner. Queen of rock, at the origin of many hits. The icon died in Switzerland following a long illness. To pay tribute to him, “Do not touch my post” invited Afida Turner, his daughter-in-law. Indeed, the singer married her son Ronnie in 2007, alas died of cancer colon at age 62.

“I am quite shocked, but at the same time I was aware of the situation and the medical condition of my mother-in-law” begins to testify Afida Turner against Cyril Hanouna. She then details having received a sign when she arrived at the Cannes Film Festival for the climb of the steps: “I strongly believe in spirituality, in God and in signs. I arrived and I show one of my istants where Tina lived.. A few minutes later, she receives the message that tells her the sad news.

Accomplice with Tina Turner

Afida Turner then recounts her memories in this family like no other. “Only I could be accepted into this family because leather dresses, screaming and smashing were part of the menu at the Turners. So it was perfect for me, I was really accepted”. With the rock’n’roll legend, she “had a lot of character similarities”. Their first meeting is in a hotel. Very direct, the interpreter of What’s Love Got to Do with It asks him about his intentions. Afida Turner reportedly replied: “no money, but a manager”. An answer that has more to the recently deceased singer. Tina Turner appreciated the courage of her stepdaughter, to be “made alone”, as she tells tonight on C8. “I have the feeling of having been chosen by this family” she declares.

A colossal legacy

The question of inheritance is then posed on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. Tina Turner’s fortune is estimated between 250 and 400 million euros. Being naturalized Swiss, the law of this European country should apply and be beneficial to her husband and her two children who are still alive. If other people can inherit part of his patrimony, it is on the sole condition of a mention in his will. On these details, Afida Turner refuses to speak this evening. “I am here to pay tribute to my mother-in-law” she repeats while emphasizing that today she is “the only one with the name Turner”.

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