After failing Cyril Hanouna in “Touche pas à mon poste!”, Zahia Dehar appears in… “Quotidien”

The young woman, who was to join the group of columnists on the C8 talk show, was the guest, Wednesday evening, of Yann Barthès on TMC.

It is Cyril Hanouna who must have been happy. Wednesday evening, Zahia Dehar was the guest of “Daily” . The young woman was on the set of the TMC talk show as part of the promotion of Nadir Moknèche’s film entitled The sea air sets you free and in which she plays Hadjira. “This evening on “Quotidien”, we are very happy to welcome two immense actresses Zahia Dehar and Kenza Fortas”said Yann Barthès welcoming his guests. So, a little prick or real pleasure?

The question is legitimate. And for good reason, this appearance calls out. Indeed, Zahia Dehar was to join the group of columnists of “Do not touch My TV !” on C8. An arrival with great fanfare revealed in the trailer for the new season of “TPMP”. But at the beginning of September, while Cyril Hanouna was filming the pilot, the 31-year-old young woman was absent. And it was only a few days later, in “Morandini Live” on CNews, that the host and producer confirmed that the model and actress will not join his team. “Zahia canceled us at the last moment. In the end, she won’t come. I hadn’t met her, she had my teams on the phone”, he explained without saying more. And conclude positively: “We kiss him anyway…” Not sure this is always the case.

If Zahia Dehar never spoke about her arrival in “Touche pas à mon poste!” nor on her absence at the last minute, she clearly explained last night in “Quotidien” on TMC that she wanted “continue making cinema”. It now remains to be seen whether Cyril Hanouna will react in “Touche pas à mon poste!”, as he often has the habit of doing.

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