After fuel at cost price, Système U announces a 10% reduction operation in its stores

Faced with inflation, supermarkets have been called upon to review their prices. Several channels have already announced that they were going to sell gasoline at cost price in the coming days. Système U is also preparing reduction operations on all its stores, announced this Wednesday morning on RTL its boss Dominique Schelcher.

“From October 20 and 21” and until December “we are going to give 10% off all food in our stores, beauty products, tores…” and this “every 15 days”. Alcohol is not included in these reductions and you will need to have the store’s loyalty card to benefit from them, adds the CEO. He explains that the average trolley at Super U costs around 60 euros, which would therefore mean a reduction of 6 euros when you go to the checkout.

Have “a global discourse on inflation”

Dominique Schelcher also recalls having responded to “the government’s call” on gasoline. The stores in this group will offer fuel at cost price on the first weekend of each month starting in October. But he warns: “Making cost price here is not going to be spectacular, because we are already at permanently low prices all year round. » This represents, according to him, “one or two euro cents less per liter, that means one euro on the tank”.

The Carrefour and Leclerc brands have, for their part, committed to carrying out such operations every day, Casino, Cora and Intermarché will carry them out two weekends per month. Like Système U, Auchan will also do this at least one weekend per month.

Dominique Schelcher declares that he did not decide to use cost pricing every day because, “at some point there are costs all the same, we have to cover these costs” and “above all, we did not want to impact the food industry”. he specifies. Michel-Edouard Leclerc, boss of the brand of the same name, underlines him on franceinfo this Wednesday morning what to do with the cost price “is a real effort”. In his group, “fuel is 10 billion in turnover, so when we move the cents it immediately makes the meters explode”.

The Breton CEO, for his part, recalls that Leclerc stores already offer some of the lowest prices in French supermarkets and praises “a global discourse on inflation”. The two bosses especially call on large manufacturers to lower their margins, which are higher than theirs, they ure, so that consumers can observe a difference in prices. “ We must bring back food inflation in general inflation,” says Michel-Edouard Leclerc.

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