After his acquittal, Eric Dupond-Moretti criticized by the opposition and strengthened in the government

The Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, leaves the Paris courthouse after his acquittal, November 29, 2023.

Leaving the courthouse, Eric Dupond-Moretti looked at the sky, seeming to thank a possible god of politics. Without a word, turning their backs on the journalists waiting in vain for a cry of victory that could have been released by the Keeper of the Seals, just acquitted by the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), which ruled, Wednesday, November 29, on the accusation of “illegal taking of interests” targeting him, the former lawyer headed towards the Elysée, where he spoke for more than an hour with Emmanuel Macron.

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The Head of State, relieved, “reviewed current and future projects”, indicates the Elysée. A sign that the Keeper of the Seals is ured of the confidence of the President of the Republic. “It’s good that I was not forced to resign because I am innocent”concluded the Minister of Justice on France 2, uring that he wanted “to turn the page, even if it was something painful”.

Even before the head of state reinforced the minister in his functions, the head of government, Elisabeth Borne, ured X that Eric Dupond-Moretti could “continue to carry out its action within the government team, in the service of the French”. “I’m delighted”underlined the one which had provoked the ire of the ex-tenor of the bar by recalling, on October 8, that in the event of guilt, the minister would be asked to leave Place Vendôme.

The time of the trial of justice

“I told the Prime Minister things”then euphemized to the World the Keeper of the Seals, shortly before explaining himself to his judges, furious that his guilt could have been considered. This trial was in his eyes a “infamy”, he had growled on the first day of hearing. “Eric is a fighter. We are all very happy for him”sighs François Patriat, senator from Côte-d’Or, greeting “honor regained” of a ” friend “.

The Keeper of the Seals was suspected of having taken advantage of his ministerial function to settle scores with four magistrates. To defend himself, Eric Dupond-Moretti pleaded the candor of a former lawyer who landed in politics, describing himself as impressed by places that “crush”. It was “Yes-Yes Place Vendôme”sighs Kim Reuflet, president of the Magistrates’ Union, at the origin, with the Magistrates’ Union (USM), of the complaints filed.

To justify the acquittal, the CJR considered that the offense was ” established “, but there was no“intentionality”. “This acquittal is an arm of honor to the idea of ​​justice”commented Ugo Bernalicis, deputy (La France insoumise) from the North, denouncing a “ political arrangement » between ” friends “. The CJR is made up of three professional magistrates, but also twelve parliamentarians from all sides.

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