After leaving France 2, Laurent Ruquier files on BFMTV

By Florent Barraco

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Laurent Ruquier will be present on the antennas of BFMTV at the start of the next school year. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

In an interview given to Parisianthe host of “Big heads” announces that he is joining the news channel for a program between 8 and 9 p.m.

We were expecting him on TF1, he is on BFMTV. The suspense did not last long. One week after announcing that he was leaving France 2 after 23 years in public service, Laurent Ruquier announced at Parisian that he was joining BFMTV next season. He will animate the 8-9 p.m. slot (box occupied by Yves Calvi) and will be opposed to Pascal Praud and his “Pro timeon CNews. “It was an opportunity to bounce back differentlyhe explains to our colleagues. How well I know Marco (Marc-Olivier Fogiel, boss of BFMTV), we discussed it together, first in a friendly way. He didn’t expect me to be interested in a slice on a news channel. He told me : You have to come to BFM!»

Known for his programs mixing entertainment and information (he received many politicians in “We are not in bed” And “you are live“), Laurent Ruquier will engage in another exercise forgetting his “comedian cap“. The program will begin in October and he can count on the presence of journalist Julie Hammett (defector from LCI). “We’re going to think about setting up a team with Julie Hammett, who I’m going to get to know. I think of new voices, new faces. I am someone who knows how to distribute the word, it is my trademark. I’ll be there to edit the installment, make sometimes unheard-of choices, both follow the major information and perhaps also unearth another look, another angle“, he details. “It’s not the press card that gives talentdefends himself in an interview with Parisian Marc-Olivier Fogiel. Laurent will do his transfer, he will take the clothes of BFM. Until then, he was doing infotainment. He who has done so much will reinvent himself once again.»


The most important challenge for Laurent Ruquier will be to survive in the 20 Hours war. The host of “Big headswill face Gilles Bouleau (TF1), Anne-Sophie Lapix (France 2), but also Yann Barthès (TMC), Cyril Hanouna (C8) and Pascal Praud (CNews). “There are people, we know, at that time on all the channels. But there is also a reservoir of viewers, it’s up to me to convince them to come see us on BFMTV», Launches the sexagenarian who is eager to start the adventure.

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