“After the abaya and the uniform at school, it’s time for math”

In 2019, France only brought, according to the international TIMSS survey, 2% of its students to the advanced level in mathematics, while they are on average 11% in the OECD. francescoridolfi.com/Rido – stock.adobe.com

CHRONICLE – The collapse in the level of French students is neither a reactionary fad nor the bias of international surveys.

Gabriel Attal made a successful comeback, the judgment is unanimous. Abayas, harment, uniform… On all fronts, the young minister imposes a firm line. In a few days, he made us forget his gloomy predecessor. A rare performance, he even manages to turn the presidential omnipresence in his field of competence to his advantage. All that remains is to tackle the essential: the quality of teaching. The collapse in the level of French students is in fact neither a reactionary whim nor the bias of international surveys.

At the start of the school year, an edifying “information note” from National Education was released. Entitled “The evolution of calculation performance of CM2 students thirty years apart (1987-2017)”, it illustrates the continuous and rapid decline, over the past thirty years, in the calculation level of 10-year-old children. In 2017, more than 90% of students did not reach the median calculus score of 1987. Even more worrying, the majority of students…

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