After the bursting of the speculative bubble, NFTs are entering French museums

By Emma Poesy

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The exhibition NFT: Poetics of the immaterial from the certificate to the blockchainat the Center Pompidou Paris, is the first exhibition in France devoted exclusively to NFT and digital art. MNAM-CCI/Hélène Mauri

Several institutions have decided to integrate these digital works into their permanent collections, judging that they mark a turning point in the history of art.

They were all the rage in auction houses, they are now exhibited in museums. For the past few months, French institutions have been exposing NFTs (abbreviation of non-fungible tokensnon-fungible tokens” in French). Monnaie de Paris and the Musée Granet in Aix-en-Provence have recently added them to their permanent collections, judging that digital works are complementary to more traditional works. Even more avant-garde, the Center Pompidou Paris is dedicating an entire exhibition to this new medium, NFT: Poetics of the immaterial from the certificate to the blockchain. Everyone is betting that this new technology – and the resulting digital works – will make a lasting mark on the history of art.

Yet, in its early days, cryptoart looks more like a speculative phenomenon than an art movement. In 2021, NFTs are subject to of a vast public and media enthusiasm. It must be said that they are cut to generate profit. Open to all…

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