after the deadly stampede in its stadium, a Salvadoran club receives a sanction of one year of games behind closed doors

By Le Figaro with AFP



Salvadoran fans during a match against Mexico. JOSE CABEZAS

Justice has spoken and sanctioned the Alianza club with one year of matches behind closed doors after the stampede in the stands which caused the death of 12 people this Saturday.

Alianza club held responsible for stampede that killed 12 people Saturday during a football match in San Salvador and received a one-year sanction of matches behind closed doors, the Salvadoran federation (Fesfut) announced on Tuesday.

The responsibility for the events that occurred at the Cuscatlán stadium during the match is attributable (to the Alliance, editor’s note) as a local team and therefore organizer of the match“, Specifies the decision of the disciplinary commission of Fesfut.

Alianza was thus sentenced toplay behind closed doors, without the support of spectators for a period of one year“And to pay before July 21 the payment of a fine of 30,000 dollars, specifies the federation.

of the “negligence» and «impairments» singled out

The latter concluded that Alianza had not “not adopted measures to prevent events“or had it”negligently done“. In particular, she considered that the access controls to the stadium had been “obviously deficient“.

The opposing club, FAS, was declared the 2-0 winner of this match counting for the quarter-final second leg of the closing tournament of the local championship and the Alianza, which had lost 1-0 in the first leg, is by therefore eliminated.

Alianza, who claims to participate in the judicial investigation, is also accused of “lack of cooperationby Fesfut because it did not submit a report to the Disciplinary Committee.

The stampede required the medical treatment of more than 500 people

At least 12 people died on Saturday during a stampede between supporters in the Cuscatlan stadium, with a capacity of 35,000 seats. More than 500 others had to seek medical treatment.

The drama happened around the 15th minute when supporters tried to enter the enclosure, one of the largest in Central America.

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