After the forced kiss affair, Luis Rubiales forced to sell his luxurious penthouse

The setbacks of Luis Rubiales are linked together. After forcibly kissing a national team player, the president of the Spanish Football Federation had to resign. Justice has just summoned him this Friday to respond to accusations of “ ault» brought against him by Jennifer Hermoso who filed a complaint against him. His disappointments don’t stop there. Suspended by Fifa (International ociation Football Federation), Luis Rubiales was deprived for 90 days of his salaries which amounted, in total, to more than 77,000 euros per month. After this period, the former manager will know whether this sanction is final or not.

In the meantime, without these resources, Luis Rubiales no longer has the means to support his standard of living. Starting with a recent real estate acquisition. To afford a luxurious penthouse in Madrid in May 2021, the deposed Spanish president took out… three loans. The first, for the purchase of the property, amounted to 1.47 million euros; the other two, worth just over 43,000 euros each, were used to pay for the two parking spaces that he also purchased. In total, 1.56 million euros that Rubiales had to repay by… 2051. Aged 46, the ex-manager would therefore have finished paying for his penthouse at the age of 74.

He would feel “hared by the press”

Luis Rubiales no longer having the means to cover the cost of his luxurious property, he decided to put up for sale his 200 m² residence with a huge 100 m² terrace and a swimming pool, according to the Spanish media El Debate, who evokes exchanges with those around him during which Luis Rubiales told them the news and asked if anyone would be interested. The former leader would feel “hared by the press near the entrance to his home“. It remains to be seen where the one who demanded, when he took office, an institution “modern” And “at the forefront of transparency and control», will take up residence.

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