against a backdrop of crisis, OL remain ambitious

against a backdrop of crisis, OL remain ambitious

Stuck in the middle of the table since the start of the season, Olympique Lyonnais still believes in its chances of playing in European competition next season.

Nothing is going right, place your bets! Olympique Lyonnais will he be european next season? At the club, we believe in it – or at least we affirm it – hard as iron. However, after a transfer window which did not help all the ills, the crisis is still brewing in the Rhône.

Do you have any more questions for me? I am leavingLaurent Blanc got carried away this Friday, in front of the journalists. You want to talk about Troyes after ten minutes on the transfer window, so thank you and goodbye.” On the eve of the trip to Troyes, OL had organized an exceptional press conference. For nearly three hours, players, managers and coaches faced the media. At the start of the session, it was the three winter recruits – Dejan Lovren, Amin Sarr and Jeffinho – who came for an official presentation, then giving way to Jean Michel Aulas, Bruno Cheyrou and Vincent Ponsot. Arrived after 3 p.m. for the usual match watch conference, Laurent Blanc quickly left.

A lively transfer window

If it met expectations in an austere climate, this conference did not ease tensions. Quite the contrary. The first trace of disenchantment between Jean-Michel Aulas, the president of the club, and John Textor, new owner of OL, was quick to point the tip of his nose. “At the time, Laurent (Blanc) essentially wanted a central defender. Then he realized other needs, and in particular a number 6, says the man at the head of the Lyon club since 1987. Bruno (Cheyrou) made contacts which were about to succeed, when we were offered to go back to a Brazilian solution, with Joao Gomes, who had already agreed to another club. As this did not happen, the other players approached took it more or less well…A barely veiled allusion from the president of Olympique Lyonnais to its new owner. History to show again who is the boss?

This Friday, the transfer window was at the heart of all the debates in the OL press room. An envelope of 40 million euros was promised by John Textor for this month of January. 23 million (excluding bonuses) were finally paid out for the arrivals of Dejan Lovren, Amin Sarr and Jeffinho. Desires and needs that have continued to evolve. “The main target of the transfer window was a central defenderabounds Vincent Ponsot, general manager of the club. We did not intend to change the squad so significantly. On the findings of the first matches at the beginning of January, we said to ourselves: “it is not possible to continue like this”. The January 10 order was a sentinel and then there was the Toko Ekambi episode.For Bruno Cheyrou, Director of Recruitment, the essential is assured. “We had to give a new dynamic. With the exit of a lot of players, by tightening the group, it will restore a profitable energy to the team.»

Lyon does not want to let go

Undefeated for three games, Olympique Lyonnais travels to Troyes this Saturday (7 p.m.). And must impose itself so as not to sink completely into the crisis. Since the post-World Cup recovery, the club has been undefeated away from home and intends to continue this fine series. If he is no longer in the Top 5 of the championship since the 8th day, Jean-Michel Aulas has not abdicated for all that. “We will try this year to return to the European Cup even if it is difficult. We will start next season to return to the Champions League“, promises the president of Lyon. The 73-year-old leader even dares to draw a parallel with the vice-champion of Europe to explain the current situation. “You need to have some memory. We are talking about an unsatisfactory tenth place, we continue to respect the basics of the past. Liverpool are currently 9th. It happens in the cycle of a club like ours to have a bad performance.»

I still think we can qualify for the European Cup but we need to have a winning mentality“says Dejan Lovren for his part. For his part, Jean-Michel Aulas does not budge: fifth place remains possible. “There is always hope when the numbers allow it to be achieved.To do this, Olympique Lyonnais must take as many points as possible. It starts with a victory at Troyes this Saturday. And that’s good, OL have not lost for 10 games on the lawn of Estac. Finally some good news for Laurent Blanc and his family.

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