“Agent Game” on Prime Video: a disappointing spy thriller with Mel Gibson

“Agent Game” on Prime Video: a disappointing spy thriller with Mel Gibson

A very good cast, firearms, reversals of situation and tension… All the ingredients were there to make “Agent Game”, this spy thriller, a success. But the mere presence of Mel Gibson is not enough. We even wonder what the star, revealed in “Mad Max” and “ the lethal Weapon “, done there, in the middle of a feature film with such a linear scenario which nevertheless started from a good intention.

The film tells the revenge of Harris, played by Dermot Mulroney, known for having played in “Friends” and more recently in “Scream VI”, a seasoned CIA agent specializing in terrorist interrogations. He is wrongly accused of having killed one of his colleagues. To clear his name and make those involved pay, he hatches a high-flying plan. Facing him, Olsen, a villain played by Mel Gibson, does everything to stop him with the help of his subordinate Visser (Annie Ilonzeh, seen in “Arrow”, “Chicago Fire”…).

Lots of characters, little depth…

The story begins in a very hazy way, with lots of characters, negotiations from everywhere. And finally little depth. Difficult to become attached to the heroes: one understands only after one hour, that is to say thirty minutes before the end, the bonds which unite them. As for the action scenes, they present no challenge for the viewer.

The failed special effects of the last sequences, if they intend to be gigantic, border on the grotesque. And only the last ten minutes of the story, which opens the door to a sequel, could make us regret not having loved. Partly because Mel Gibson returns to the center of the plot, whereas he was until then almost invisible. He leaves the feeling of having lost himself along the way by agreeing to play in this film which is meant to be serious but which turns out to be very flat.

Editor’s note:

Agent Game », American action thriller directed by Grant S. Johnson starring Mel Gibson, Dermot Mulroney and Annie Ilonzeh. Available on Prime Video. (1h30)

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