Agnès Firmin Le Bodo tries to reure on a future bill

In early April, Brigitte Macron called Line Renaud. The singer has just read the interview with the Minister of Health, François Braun, published In The world April 8. “Accompanying death is not killing”, then says the ex-emergency physician, who has reservations about the idea of ​​legalizing active istance in dying, especially if it were to give rise to a right to request euthanasia. Line Renaud wrote to Emmanuel Macron to remind him of his commitment. On April 3, the Head of State had just announced ” a law project ” on the end of life from here “at the end of summer” before the members of the citizens’ convention on the end of life. It was necessary that Macron calls Line Renaud to reure her: the presidential promise would be well honored.

The words of the Minister of Health in The world won him discreet support within the majority. But they have alarmed many supporters of the change in the law. “The government gives the impression of a petaudièreconfided Olivier Falorni, deputy (MoDem) of Charente-Maritime, shortly after the interview with François Braun. There is no interlocutor identified on the file and we are witnessing a strange polyphony in the executive. » Supporter of active istance in dying, the deputy challenges the Head of State, visiting Saintes, not far from his constituency, on May 4: “It takes a courageous law to dispose of his death, when we are condemned”, he throws at her. Without getting an answer.

Sunday, May 21, the distribution of roles was clarified. One name, only one, is ociated with the future bill, that of Agnès Firmin Le Bodo. “The end of life is, since my appointment to the government, at the heart of the missions entrusted to me”umes, in an interview with Sunday newspaperand for the first time, the Minister Delegate in charge of Territorial Organization and the Health Professions, whose supervisory minister is Mr. Braun.

Officially on the front line

As soon as she entered the government in July 2022, her ministerial roadmap indicated that she would have to carry out the preliminary work “to a possible legislative evolution” on the end of life, of which he “will be up to implement the conclusions”. Its portfolio also includes “strengthening access to palliative care” aimed at relieving the pain and suffering of people with incurable diseases.

This close friend of Edouard Philippe did not, however, avail himself of his prerogatives. The file was also coveted by Olivier Véran, Minister Delegate for Democratic Renewal. Which co-piloted the working groups of caregivers and parliamentarians on the subject and went, like her, abroad in order to compare the legislation in the matter. But, since the end of the citizens’ convention on the end of life, on April 2, Mr. Véran has been discreet. As for Mr. Braun, he chose to let his deputy minister lead the preparations for the law, mobilized, moreover, on more urgent issues in his eyes.

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