Agribusiness exports from Rio Grande do Sul reach US$ 3.7 billion in the first quarter

A rise in international prices ensured an increase in the value of agribusiness exports from Rio Grande do Sul in the first quarter of the year. To the sales reached $3.7 billion, 4.7% increase in relation to the same period of 2022. Average product prices rose 23% and offset the reduction in shipped volume, which dropped 14.9% in relation to the first three months of the previous year. The value of exports is the highest for the quarter in the historical series, which started in 1997, and represented 73% of the total external sales of Rio Grande do Sul in the period.

Information on foreign agribusiness sales was disclosed this Thursday morning by the Economics and Statistics Department (DEE), linked to the Planning, Governance and Management Secretariat (SPGG), in the RS Agribusiness Indicators bulletin. Prepared by researchers Sérgio Leusin Júnior and Bruna Kasprzak Borges, the document also includes data on formal employment in agribusiness in the first three months of the year.

Of the top six export sectors, five were dischargedhighlighting the increase in meats, which had an increase of 18.6% and a total of US$655.30 million in sales. The segments of tobacco and its products (total of US$ 592.14 million; +20%), forestry products (US$ 424.06 million; +11.6%) and agricultural machinery and implements (US$ 167.67 million ; +29.3%) also grew leveraged by the rise in average prices. O soybean segment continued as the leader in exports in value (US$791.88 million; +1.9%), even with the 14.5% drop in shipped volume, sustained by the 19.2% increase in average prices.

“The performance of Rio Grande do Sul’s agribusiness exports in the quarter still does not reflect the severe drought that impacted the productivity of the main summer crops. This is due, first of all, to the basis of comparison, since in 2022 the State also suffered the effects of an even more intense drought”, analyzes Leusin.

A The largest absolute drop in value in exports from January to March was recorded in the cereal sector, flours and preparations, with -13.3%, with a total of US$ 673.95 million in sales. O mainly responsible for the decline was wheat which, despite the record harvest harvested in Rio Grande do Sul in 2022, had a 27.6% drop in volume shipped between January and March. The bulletin points out, however, that the reduction occurred in relation to a high sales base registered in 2022, when the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, major world producers of the cereal, reorganized the international trade of the product, benefiting exports. gauchas.

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