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There was a harsh reaction from the leader of the Future Party, Ahmet Davutoğlu, to the words the imam used before the Friday prayer in a mosque in Istanbul Sultangazi.

Release: 00:12 – 22 May 2023 Updated:

Before the Friday prayer, the imam at a mosque in Istanbul Sultangazi said, “Brother, prepare your weapons. On the evening of May 28, set your weapons, my two guns are loaded to the brim”, and there are reactions to the statements.

Future Party leader Ahmet Davutoğlu called for the video he shared on his social media account.


It is with great sadness and deep concern that I address you today. The divisive and polarizing language of the rulers unfortunately reflected on our mosques as well. What happened in Istanbul Sultangazi Cebeci Mosque today is extremely serious for our social peace. A clergyman’s call to take up arms against his brother, citizen and citizen, and to describe May 28 as the day when a great social conflict will be reflected, is against the fundamental values ​​of our religion, which means ‘silm’, i.e. ‘peace’.

* It is also a big crime in terms of law. Whoever turns brother against brother, alienates our people from our religion and our mosque, should be sacked and held accountable before the judiciary.


*How did we get here? How did it happen that such images began to be experienced in our mosques where we pray shoulder to shoulder? If, in the election campaign, DSP Chairman Önder Aksakal, one of the partners of the People’s Alliance, had the audacity to call him ‘kuffar’, ‘infidels’, referring to the opposition, and if the power holders, especially Erdoğan and Bahçeli, remained silent in the face of this great crime, here is the reason, my dear citizens. If our mosques have been turned into political rallies, here is the reason.


*I call out to our clergy; This grave approach, this attitude contrary to the essence of Islam, first raise your voice against language. Say, ‘We call to unite the community’. Say, ‘Our mosques are our common places’.

*I call to the Presidency of Religious Affairs; Take a clear stand. Our mosques are not and will not be anyone’s personal property or political space.


*I call out to the power holders; don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t divide the society. Do not separate the ranks of our mosques. Abandon the divisive, polarizing language. Stop using our mosques, religion, national and spiritual values ​​for your political power. Don’t play with fire.

*I call out to all my believing brothers and sisters who go to mosques for spiritual peace; Go to our mosques in peace. Whatever political view you have, whatever approach you adopt, stand shoulder to shoulder. I call on all my citizens, those in power and all concerned to act prudently.

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