AI is “terrifying” for cinema, warns Peter Sarsgaard

American actor crowned best male performer in Venice for his role in Memoryspoke, when receiving his prize, of the dangers of poorly supervised use of artificial intelligence.

If the actors and screenwriters in strike in Hollywood lose the battle to regulate artificial intelligence, the cinema industry “will only be the first to fall“, warned American actor Peter Sarsgaard when receiving the acting prize in Venice. “If we lose this battle, our industry will be just the first of many to fall.“, declared the actor while receiving his award for Memory by Michel Franco. Medicine or the conduct of war could in turn be entrusted to artificial intelligence, which “opens the way to atrocities“, he added.

It sounds like science fiction, but we can all agree that an actor and a writer are people »

Peter Sarsgaard

Regarding the Hollywood strike, which he supports, “all questions of fair remuneration are important“, but the use of artificial intelligence is a “terrifying», Specified the actor. “It sounds like science fiction, but we can all agree that an actor and a writer are people“, he added, insisting on “the sacred experience of being human“.

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Peter Sarsgaard won the Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival for his role as a man suffering from dementia and memory loss in the film Memory by Michel Franco. The 52-year-old actor plays alongside the American star Jessica Chastain in the film written and directed by the Mexican filmmaker. This moving film seeks to show how patients suffering from dementia can still continue to live a full life, including romantic relationships, while raising the difficult question of their ability to make decisions. The actor has also spoken with patients and caregivers to prepare for his role. “Very often in films we see dementia in its final stages and it paralyzes us with fear, and I really didn’t want to show that.“, he said.

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Peter Sarsgaard, who is also the actress and director’s husband Maggie Gyllenhaal with whom he had two children, himself recently lost an uncle, carried away by a brain disease. Born on March 7, 1971, the actor saw his career blossom with the role of a rapist in Boys don’t cry. He went on to star in a series of eclectic roles, including blockbusters like The Batman And Night and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. He also appears in independent films and has worked alongside top directors such as Sam Mendes (Jarhead) and Woody Allen (Blue Jasmine). He also starred in the film directed by his wife The lost daughterwhich had won the prize for best screenplay at Venice in 2021.

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