Air conditioning, the cold snap in the stadiums

A major symbol of the ecological aberrations linked to this World Cup, the air conditioning of the stadiums had to be punctual. We imagined it limited to matches played in the afternoon, when the sun raises the temperature in Doha, but the reality is surprising. The opening match (Qatar-Ecuador, 0-2, Sunday)disputed under a pleasant temperature, was marked by the cool breath spit by the large air vents located under the roof of the Al-Bayt stadium.

Fresh, and sometimes downright chilly, which makes a little wool essential in the stands. The air conditioning was still very generous on Monday afternoon when of England-Iran (6-2), where you had to cover up so as not to shiver, and the same drafts swept through the stands of the Al-Thumama stadium, for Senegal-Netherlands (0-2), when it was only 23 degrees outside. ‘outside. At pitch height, the air conditioning was cut off when the match started and it was not really noticeable during the United States – Wales (1-1), played in the second part of the evening in Qatar.

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