Akşener: They called me an infidel all over Turkey

İYİ Party Chairman Meral Akşener met with veterans. Stating that she fought against vultures who tried to defraud veterans in the past, Akşener said, “They called me an infidel all over Turkey. May God bless you a thousand times, you stood up for me.”


Akşener: They called me an infidel all over Turkey

İYİ Party Chairman Meral Akşener met with veterans at the program organized by İYİ Party Social Policies Directorate at Gazipark Belpa Cafe.

Stating that she was honored to be together with the veterans, Akşener said, “The rulers of this country cannot pay that right no matter what every individual living in this country does.” he said.

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Akşener stated that Tansu Çiller, one of the former prime ministers, appointed her as the president of the Zübeyde Hanım Martyrs’ Mothers Protection Foundation, and later they changed the name of the foundation to the Zübeyde Hanım Martyrs’ Families and Veterans Protection and istance Foundation, adding: “So I have known you and been among you since 1994.” said.

Stating that at that time, “vultures” named lawyers but affiliated with certain places emerged, Akşener said, “Taking the money for your child’s blood was considered ‘haram’ and that right that our state gave us, which we later strived to increase together, that is, the salary that would be given to oneself through the child of a martyr and They arranged for them to donate the compensation somewhere. “I struggled with that at first.” he said.

PHOTO: Zekeriya Albayrak / SÖZCÜ

Stating that she was called an “infidel” all over Turkey during her fight against these, Akşener said, “May God bless you a thousand times, you stood up for yourself. You said, ‘No, this woman is a Muslim, a woman who prays and prays.’ “I was a nephew whose mother’s own uncle was martyred in Yemen.” she said.


Stating that they never touched anything illegal in the Zübeyde Hanım ociation for the Protection and istance of Martyr Mothers and Veterans, and that Tansu Çiller did not allow politics into the foundation, Akşener said, “We never knew which martyr’s family voted for whom, we did not ask for it, we were just under their command. ” made his essment.

Stating that she spoke to former deputy prime minister Necmettin Cevheri at that time and conveyed the deficiencies to him, Akşener said that a law was subsequently ped so that one person from each family should work in the state.

PHOTO: Zekeriya Albayrak / SÖZCÜ


Akşener later stated that even ociations for martyrs’ families and veterans began to compete with each other and said:

– The most important warning I will give you in the light of this experience is, for God’s sake, do not stand in front of each other. Remember that holding hands is difficult. Whether it is the government or the opposition, they all have to stand ‘ready’ in front of you. Each of us has an obligation to say ‘we’re on our own’, no matter how you treat us.


You will be buying from this country. Some of you gave your eyes, hands, ears and organs, some of you gave your life, your children. Our duty is to stand before you with the deepest respect. Now, as the Chairman of the İYİ Party, I say this, the last word. I am aware of this issue. As we have always done from now on, as a political party with a group, expressing your shortcomings, gaps, and what needs to be done in the Parliament…

– The government has been elected, it has to take action, and we have to be the advocate of the people and especially our people who are in trouble. It is the duty of every politician to be your lawyer. Therefore, we will work to eliminate these deficiencies and make better decisions. That’s our job. May God Almighty grant us the ability to pay our debt of living freely and independently in this country without any mistakes and flaws. (AA)

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