Al Pacino, not sure if he is the father of his 4th child, asked his girlfriend for a DNA test

This time, he is not godfather but dad. Al Pacino, 82, will become a father for the fourth time. His companion, Noor Alfalah, whom he met during the Covid-19 pandemic, is 8 months pregnant according to several American media. If the news made him rather happy, the one who played “Richard III” on the screen was not, however, quite sure of this unexpected paternity. This is what the American people press reports this weekend, in particular the always very knowledgeable people site TMZ.

The popular press reports a relationship sometimes on alternating current between Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah. So when the young woman announced the news to the huge Hollywood actor, after eleven weeks of pregnancy, the father of three children was more than surprised. The ‘Cruisin’ actor believed he had become infertile due to a medical condition with his thyroid. This announcement by Noor Alfalah would therefore have been a real “shock”. Sources close to the actor also reported to TMZ that in this particular context, Al Pacino requested a DNA test from the mother of his future child, to make sure that this baby was indeed his.

Eventually positive test

According to other sources, the news of this new paternity had not particularly delighted the other children of the king of the Actor’s Studio. Finally, Al Pacino’s paternity test came back positive according to the same sources, and therefore confirmed the news. A few days before the end, the revelation of this information did not disturb the young woman, who wished her own mother a happy Mother’s Day a few days ago, with a smile on her face.

She surely took the opportunity to extract some advice from him, for the rest of the events.

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