Alain Chabat is paid once again CNews in “Le Late”

Fred Testot, Marina Foïs, Alice Belaïdi and Gérard Darmon in “Le Late with Alain Chabat” on TF1. Screenshot.

Monday evening, the host offered his guests a game where they had to say whether debate titles were taken from broadcasts of the continuous news channel … or not.

After Cyril Hanouna, CNews. Last Thursday, in the fourth issue of his late show, Alain Chabat attacked the host of “Do not touch My TV !”. In his monologue, the ex-Nul had recalled not being live: “And therefore, we are not very aware of your news to you, viewers and viewers who watched us. So many questions to which only you, behind your screen, have the answer: what was the score of England / Iran, was it sunny on Sunday November 20, did François Hollande win the presidential elections, the Bank of heart finally launched?”. This last question referred to the draft Cyril Hanouna launched at the end of 2018 and which has still not seen the light of day.

Monday evening, Alain Chabat received Gérard Darmon, Alice Belaïdi, Marina Foïs and Fred Testot and offered them to play a humorous game, “This or that?”. “I am going to give you titles of debates that can be seen on continuous news channels. If you think this debate title exists and that it was really made on a continuous news channel, you say to me: “CNews”. If you think they were never made on this channel, you tell me: ‘That’s wrong'”he explained to them.

“Do we have the right to be Islamophobic?”, “Arab at school: the French divided”, began Alain Chabat. And his guests to answer correctly: “CNews“. “A better world without the Arabs?”he continued. “It’s almost”rebounded Fred Testot, provoking the hilarity of the host, who specified: “That’s wrong, of course. For the moment, it is false”.

“It is not on BFM and LCI that we would ask this question”

“Sexuality and harassment, are the media on the wrong track?”, “Global cooling”continued Alain Chabat before revealing, with supporting images, that these two themes were mentioned by Jean-Marc Morandini and Pascal Praud. “The Right to Abortion”continued the host instantly responding that the answer is wrong. “Nazism: why this demonization?” “That’s a Burger Quiz question”commented, rightly, Marina Foïs.

“Eric Zemmour and women: a problem?”continued Alain Chabat. “It’s not true, but I wish it were true”confessed Gérard Darmon, giving a wrong answer. “Éric Zemmour in the midst of drug addicts”added the facilitator. “It’s true, I saw it”underlined the actor. “And did they do it in comics or not?”joked Fred Testot again.

The last debate title “Is Marine Le Pen far-right?” visibly inspired Alain Chabat. “That’s ‘CNews’, that’s for sure”affirmed Gérard Darmon. “Indeed it is “CNews”.confirmed the host before emphasizing … wrongly: “It’s not on BFM that we would ask this question… Ah yes, ah sorry, I’ll do it again: It’s not on LCI that we would ask this question… Oh shit too”. A very funny sequence that will appreciate Pascal Praud and Cyril Hanouna.

This is not the first time that Alain Chabat has paid CNews. A few days before the launch of“The Late with Alain Chabat”the show’s Twitter account had posted a sketch parodying the news channel continuously.

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