Alain Delon, Soprano, Steve Jobs, David Douillet, Jude Law… these celebrities who had illegitimate children

Ari Boulogne’s sudden death has shed light on the story of Alain Delon’s putative son, whom the actor never acknowledged. Stars of cinema, television, song or even politicians, many public figures had illegitimate children, which they sometimes ended up accepting.

Alain Delon

Known for his relationships with Mireille Darc and Romy Schneider, actor Alain Delon officially had three children: Anthony, son of Nathalie Delon, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien, children of Rosalie van Breemen, an ex-Dutch model. Born in 1962, at the Belvédère clinic, in Neuilly (Hauts-de-Seine), Aaron Päffgen, alias Ari Boulogne, is “the son of two stars”. His mother is none other than Nico, muse of Andy Warhol, lead singer of Velvet Underground. His father ? It would be Alain Delon, met on the set of “Plein soleil” (where she will eventually be replaced by Marie Laforêt). Alain Delon never recognized this putative son, even refusing to submit to a paternity test. It is however the mother of the actor who will raise the boy.

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Claude Francois

Claude François will have been a secretive man all his life. Officially, he only had two children. He became a father for the first time in 1968 to Claude François Junior. A year later, a second child was born, Marc François, also the fruit of his union with Isabelle Forêt. To protect the latter or to preserve his image as a seducer – the versions diverge -, Claude François will hide the existence of the latter for almost six years. After his death, we learn that the star singer of yé-yé is also the father of a girl. The latter, Julie Bocquet, born in 1977, is the result of an affair of the star with her mother, Fabienne, then only 15 years old.

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Patrick Poivre d’Arvor

The presenter of the JT of TF 1 for more than 20 years, today in turmoil, has also hidden a child from an adulterous relationship. For a long time, the affair between Claire Chazal and Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, then married, remained secret. Patrick Poivre d’Arvor will evoke for the first time the existence of a child resulting from this union, in 2005, in his book “Confessions”. Their son, François, was born in 1995and regularly appears alongside his mother.

Steve Jobs

One can be the most Cartesian being in the world and refuse scientific truth. This was the case for Steve Jobs, the famous founder of Apple. His “hidden” daughter, Lisa Nicole Brennan, was born on May 17, 1978 in a small town near Portland, Oregon. Steve Job, was not present at the birth. With Chrisann Brennan, his first known girlfriend, they were only 23 when their daughter was born.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs had a complicated childhood, navigating between her struggling single mother and the founder of Apple. His denial of paternity sparked a legal battle in the 1980s, during which a DNA test proved he was the young woman’s father. Despite his refusal to accept it, Steve Jobs baptized one of the first computers “Lisa”. At the time, he claimed it was an acronym for “local integrated systems architecture” (local integrated systems architecture). He later admitted that the computer’s name was “obviously” that of the girl, whom he had refused to recognize.


The member of the jury of “The Voice Kids” is a fulfilled dad. With his companion Alexia, he gave birth to Inaya, Lenny and Luna. The Marseille rapper confided last December duringan interview with Samuel Étienne on Twitch having recently met his first son for the first time, born under X 27 years ago: “I am talking about it for the first time. I had lost my son years ago and I was lucky to find him. »

The song “Speak to me”, from the album “Since it is necessary to live”, was addressed to this child whom he had never been able to meet until then. Soprano was 16 when he was born. The mother was also very young, and the infant had been entrusted to the Dd. “She placed it and she warned me afterwards. The child was born under X. It was a little more complicated for me because I have no rights. French law means that if the child is born under X, if I haven’t recognized it, I’m not the father, I can’t do anything, ”explained the Marseille singer again.

Jude Law

The “Fantastic Beasts” star is the proud father of several children: Rafferty, 26, Iris, 22, and Rudy, 20, born of his union with Sadie Frost; his daughter Ada, 8, with his ex-Catherine Harding; and two young children, whose names have not been publicly disclosed, with his wife Philippa Coan. In 2009, he also had a little Sophia with the American model Samantha Burke, met on the set of “Sherlock Holmes”. These two have never officially dated. If, at first, the actor refuses to recognize it, he will end up submitting to a positive paternity test. He will meet his daughter five months after her birth.

Albert II of Monaco

The private life of Albert II of Monaco was turbulent for a long time before marrying swimmer Charlène Wittstock, with whom he had twins Jacques and Gabriella. The prince recognized two other long-hidden children. Jazmin, born in 1992, is the fruit of her relationship with an American tourist on vacation on the Côte d’Azur. Alexandre, born in 2003, is the son of a French air hostess of Togolese origin. The prince publicly acknowledged his son in 2005, and his daughter a year later.

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François Mitterrand

It was a family secret, then a Republic secret. For more than 30 years, François Mitterrand, then married to Danielle Mitterand, had an extramarital affair with Anne Pingeot, and a long epistolary relationship now published. This illegitimate couple had a daughter, Mazarine, born in 1974, whom he recognized when she was 10 years old. But it was not until November 1994 that the general public discovered this secret, which had become an open secret, when the weekly Paris Match published a front-page photo of Mazarine and his father. Mazarine Pingeot is now a recognized public figure, writer and philosopher.

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David Douillet

The former judoka and Minister of Sports is, like Jude Law, a father of a large family. David Douillet officially has a son, Jérémie (professional basketball player, born in 1991), a daughter named Myriam (born in 1994), and a third child, Matteo (born in 1998), with his ex-wife, Valérie. Since 2014, he lives with Vanessa Carrara, hypnotherapist and former municipal councilor of the city of Bourg-en-Bresse. Already the mother of two children born from a previous union, it was announced in May 2016 that she was expecting a third child. On September 17, 2016, Vanessa gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Blanche.

But his family had already suddenly grown in 2001, when the former sportsman learned of the existence of Christopher, his illegitimate son, then aged 10. “When I met Christopher, my son who I had never known existed, I remember saying to him: I understand what you are going through. And for good reason: I had experienced it myself a few months earlier, when I found my father whom I had never seen! », he said to Gala magazine.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger, who once estimated his female conquests at more than 4,000, had eight children, two of whom are from extramarital affairs. The first, Karis Jagger, was born in 1970 from an ephemeral and adulterous affair with the artist Marsha Hunt, when he was then dating Marianne Faithfull. He will refuse to recognize his daughter for nine years. After having a daughter, Jade Jagger, with his then-wife Bianca Jagger in 1971, he broke up and married star model Jerry Hall. She gave birth to four children: Elizabeth (1984), James (1985), Georgia (1992) and Gabriel (1997). Later, in 2001, a little boy named Lucas was born, the result of an extramarital relationship between the rocker and the Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez.

Finally, in 2016, Mick Jagger is then 73 years old when he learns that he is again the father of a little boy from his relationship with the ballerina Melanie Hamrick. Their son, Deveraux Jagger, is now 6 years old.

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