Alain Dorval, voice actor for Sylvester Stallone and father of Aurore Bergé, is dead

DISAPPEARANCE – His voice, recognizable among a thousand, was placed on the characters of Rambo And Rocky in the French version of these sagas.

The actor Alain Dorval, French voice of Sylvester Stallone and father ofAurore Bergé, Minister for Gender Equality, died at the age of 77 on the night of Monday to Tuesday, we learned from his family. He died at the Gustave-Roussy hospital, a cancer center in Villejuif, “after so many years of fighting the disease”, specifies a press release.

Alain Bergé, his real name, went to the Cours Simon and the Paris Conservatory of Dramatic Art. Knight of arts and letters, he “had just returned to the stage to read The fall by Camus and was currently directing Women’s school by Molière”, further indicates his family. For many French movie fans, he will remain as the voice of Sylvester Stallone in the franchises Rocky And Rambo. He was also the vocal double for American actors Nick Nolte (48 hours) or Danny Aiello (Radiodays).

The actor also lent his voice to heroes of animated films, such as Tiger in the Fievel saga or Pat Hibulaire for that of Goofy and Max. Alain Dorval also added his voice on the album Childishness 4 of Aldebert, the star of children’s singing.

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