Albert Dupontel presidential candidate in his new comedy Second Tour

In a trailer where humor and political affairs mix, the director’s next film promises to tease the underside of the in-between-turns.

President Dupont! The director and actor will play the favorite presidential candidate in a new film called Second Round, whose trailer was unveiled yesterday. After goodbye up there in 2017 and Goodbye Cons in 2020, Albert Dupontel directs his eighth feature film on the between-two-rounds of the presidential election.

On display, Cecile of France Camps Mademoiselle Pove, a fallen political journalist igned to the football section, rehabilitated to cover the campaign. Alongside Gus, her college embodied by Nicolas Marié, she embarks on an investigation into Pierre-Henry Mercier, heir to a wealthy French family and unknown to the political battalion.

It’s a little fable about politics“, had ured the director in may 2021 to TF1, about this dramatic comedy. The output of Second Round in French theaters is expected on October 25.

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