Alcaraz – Auger-Aliassime: Frédéric Fontang, the coach of the Canadian judges the shock

Alcaraz – Auger-Aliassime: Frédéric Fontang, the coach of the Canadian judges the shock

Alcaraz? He has everything

“He was already world No. 1, he is already a Grand Slam winner… Why? Because he has the physique, the mentality that goes with it, the blows. He is aggressive in his game without asking too many questions, he is able to defend, he has variety in his game, he can go forward, he knows how to do drop shots. He has everything. He is very opportunistic in his game. After each shot, he is ready to go forward, if necessary with topspin volleys. On each strike, we feel that he wants to move forward. That, I like. We have Nadal who hits hard from the bottom, Djokovic who is well in place, and he who is constantly on the lookout, ready to move forward. It is demonstrative for the public. He’s ”physical” He has variety, it’s fun to watch him play. It’s not monotonous. He climbs, he slides, he makes winners. It’s different from Rublev ”Boom Boom” without variety or Medvedev with its solidity. Fortunately for the others, he has lows, he still gives points, he still has waste…”

Auger-Aliassime? He knows how to adjust when things are not going so well

“Even though he went through the stages quickly, he did it step by step, unlike Carlos. Félix legitimizes himself at each stage, it becomes denser. There are fewer air holes. He has a good game at the base, he has become more consistent. Apart from Medvedev, he beat all the greats, Nadal, Djokovic in the Laver Cup. You have to climb this ”average” level, have a solid base where the level does not drop too much, to pass when things are not going so well. This is the challenge and I find that he progresses in this phase of winning without necessarily playing well. He is able to adjust more quickly in the days without. »

Alcaraz – Auger-Aliassime? Don’t give him the initiative

“The head-to-head favorable for Félix (3-0) plays for the psychological aspect which comes into play. The last two times, it was indoors, a surface which favors Félix with his service, whereas this n It’s not Alcaraz’s main weapon yet. But here, the conditions are slow, it’s difficult to score points on serve… Félix is ​​going to play his game. to hold some exchanges in defense. To make him miss, you have to be able to defend well on three shots. And you have to know how to attack him before he does. Félix has that in his game. Overall, you have to take the initiative and be able to play when it hits hard…”

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