Alexander-Arnold overtaken by an untenable Vinicius

Alexander-Arnold overtaken by an untenable Vinicius

Alexander-Arnold never caught Vinicius. Panorama/AFP.

TOPS/FLOPS – The Vinicius show, the French who shine and an Alexander-Arnold in the hard … find the tops and flops of Real Madrid-Liverpool (1-0).


Elusive Vinicius

The Brazilian was the main facilitator of this meeting. Constantly in action in his left lane, he gave Alexander-Arnold a nightmare. In all good shots, Vinicius came close to opening the scoring (14th), ideally launched Benzema on goal (69th) and served him for the only goal of the match afterwards (1-0, 78th). A new very complete match for the number 20 of Real.

The guards held the barracks

Five saves for Courtois, six for Alisson, the two goalkeepers delivered two fine scores on Wednesday evening. Courtois was decisive twice in front of Nunez (7th and 33rd) when the score was 0-0. Two parades that count when taking stock. On the Alisson side, the Brazilian delayed the deadline for a long time with two duels won against Vinicius (14th) and Valverde (53rd) but can’t do anything about Benzema’s goal.

The French in shape

Several French people were on the Bernabeu meadow on Wednesday evening. On the Madrid side, Camavinga has largely fulfilled its role as a sentinel in the middle. The former Rennes player could even have scored but his long shot found Alisson’s bar (20′). At his rate a few ill-fitting passes that could have put his team in difficulty. Benzema, on the other hand, didn’t have a great game but he weighed in and scored the only goal of the game. Opposite, Konaté was solid in a struggling Liverpool defense. He often helped Alexander-Arnold in difficulty (see below) to come and take care of the Vinicius case, with great success. Finally, Tchouameni entered at the end of the match when the meeting looked like a friendly match.


Alexander-Arnold in default

Once again, the evening of the English side was delicate. He had a client with Vinicius Junior in front of him and he suffered in the face of the liveliness and virtuosity of the Madrid player. Too often exceeded (only one duel won out of eight disputed), he even seemed to be afraid of the Brazilian at the end of the game. If defensively he was overwhelmed, he also did not bring much offensively for fear of being caught behind his back. Difficult.

Too much waste in Liverpool

Overall, Liverpool failed to pack the game despite an attacking starting XI with four forwards. But the Reds have shown too much technical waste to believe in a return. The attackers rarely made the right choices and tried too little to combine with each other. The midfielders suffered on the restart and the defense did what they could to hold on before cracking. Liverpool will now focus on the championship and will try to return to the Top 4 in the Premier League.

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