Alexandra Lamy talks about the inappropriate attitudes against her

Alexandra Lamy talks about the inappropriate attitudes against her

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Guest of “8:30 p.m. on Sunday”, the actress spoke of the inappropriate words and gestures she suffered at the start of her career.

“Today, things are changing, we are talking about consent for example”explained Alexandra Lamy in“8:30 p.m. on Sunday” on France 2. Last night the actress at the casting of the film room of wonders, looked back on her career. Of “his rise to Paris” to get into comedy a boy and a girlto her multiple roles, the guest of Laurent Delahousse was called upon to react on the evolution of cinema and questions of equality.

“Is it true that you have ever been asked if you slept to succeed?”, asked the presenter. The response of the actress was straightforward. “Yes of course ! There had to be this question.she retorted before explaining that in her early days, it was this kind of time…

Affectedhis first committed film

“We were still in the years when a small hand was not a big deal” she remembered. A period thatAlexandra Lamy told in a light-hearted tone while rejoicing to observe changes. “Today, there is a fight and I hope that the place of women will continue to evolve, because there is no reason that we do not have the same rights“said the artist invested in feminist issues.

The actress shared her commitment through her profession. First mentioning Alice Guy, the first woman “creator of the 7th French art”, that she wished “to honor” but also through the first film she made for TF1 last September.

Affected, a feature film on violence against women which won an award at the La Rochelle Festival. “I put my guts into it and used art to show my commitment. This allows you to save time, to go to associations, to go to high schools, to do »prevention», she concluded.

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