Alexis Flips promising, Monaco ineffective

TOPS/FLOPS – The walk of Alexis Flips, the energy of Vanderson, the lack of Monegasque realism and above all the depth poorly managed by Sarr and Disasi… Find the Tops and Flops of Reims’ victory in Monaco (0-1) .


Alexis Flips wandered off

Real promise of French football in the youth categories, Alexis Flips is finally breaking out at the professional level this season. 23 years old, he shone on the lawn of AS Monaco this Sunday. Author of the decisive p on the goal of Balogun, he was fair in his decision-making and in the management of the game of his team until his exit (63 ‘). If Ito was also active on his left side, it was Flips who initiated the most dangerous chances in Reims.

Vanderson’s comeback

Entered at the break to replace a very disappointing Krépin Diatta, he changed the dynamics of his team as soon as the resumption. With a real desire to show off in the attacking sector, he got two chances in quick succession and even touched the post just before Balogun’s goal (50′). It was also he who proved dangerous at the very end of the match without managing to deceive Diouf, who was very vigilant. Not stingy with effort on his side, we could blame him, like the whole Monegasque team, for his lack of efficiency.


The Monegasque lack of efficiency

Two posts hit (30′, 50′), fourteen attempts but only three shots on target and no goal. This essment is equivocal. The Monegasques did not know how to be realistic and sharp in front of the goal of Yehvann Diouf. Like the missed opportunity without even hitting by Ben Yedder (29 ‘), Monaco could not make the difference once close to the Reims goals. They may blame themselves for the number of balls hit in the area and regret the bad choices made by Krépin Diatta in the first period.

A depth poorly managed by Malang Sarr and Axel Disasi

Will Still had undoubtedly targeted this aspect of the Monegasque defense during his preparation for the match. Throughout the game, Alexis Flips and Junya Ito tried to find a partner, very often Balogun, behind the backs of AS Monaco’s two central defenders. A problem of depth and speed that Malang Sarr and Axel Disasi were unable to solve and which, in addition to having caused the first goal, could have resulted in a double from Balogun without the stoppage of Nubel (85 ‘) .

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