Alexis Pinturault, 6th in the 1st round of the Schladming giant: “A correct round”

Alexis Pinturault (6th in the first round of the Schladming giant, 1”69 from the Swiss Loïc Meillard): “I think I’m doing a decent round, after when I see Loïc (Meillard) it’s not terrible, but there are positive things. after yesterday (tuesday, not qualified in the 2nd round of the slalom) and Kitzbühel (same thing sunday) I am not in the right position to be in full confidence at the start. Even though it’s another discipline, I can’t be completely liberated. I have to be able to build something positive to rely on.

The track is quite icy, it seems that after a few passages it comes out a little better, there is more grip. But the track is well prepared, I don’t think it’s going to score much, it’s likely to stay relatively good until the end. »

Mathieu Faivre (18th at 2”68): “I had given myself a technical instruction to put on the entire length, I managed to apply it on the upper part. But as usual, as soon as I lose the rhythm a little bit, it becomes difficult for me to resume a correct line. In addition there are a lot of constraints, a lot of turns, it’s complicated as soon as you lose the line a little. It’s far from being a round like I want to do, but I have the impression that we’re starting to see a little more clearly on certain things. »

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