Alexis Pinturault, 7th for the Schladming giant: “It’s much better in terms of sensations”

Alexis Pinturault, 7th of the Schladming giant, 1”66 from Loïc Meillard (SUI) : “In terms of space it’s not necessarily better, but in terms of sensations it’s much better. I feel that my setting is not optimal but I have a material that works. I still have to settle small details to ski correctly, I made a lot of mistakes during this round, but for all that I am in contact with the best, even if I think that from the outside it is incomprehensible.

As a giant we had more time, we were able to release new material. It’s also good to be able to feel that I manage to ski, to attack, to put all my resources into skiing. I still need to find some improvements, but I’m more on the right track than in the past. »

Mathieu Faivre, 17th at 2”81: “I put everything I had. I was trying to put more intensity, more life into my skiing, while keeping the technical fundamentals, but there comes a time when it’s complicated to keep that pace over a full run. Skiing never comes to push me, I never have very pleasant sensations. When I see the debauchery of energy that it requires of me, to succeed in doing more or less correct sectors, it’s frustrating and I find it difficult today to know how to tackle the problem. We will have to analyze, the next (race) it’s the Worlds. »

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