Ali Babacan, who went to the stationery store, rebelled

DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan said, “Due to the high price increases and high inflation in recent years, millions of families cannot afford the basic education expenses of their children. “As poverty deepens, the victimization of our children increases,” he said.


Ali Babacan, who went to the stationery store, rebelled

The first cl bell for the 2023-2024 academic year will ring tomorrow. DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan shared a video about the new academic year on his official Twitter account.

“The new academic year starts tomorrow. I have been repeating for years that the way to give wings to Turkey is through education. However, the economic crisis environment affects our children and youth the hardest. In the video shared with the note “We have to be a country that derives its power from its people,” Babacan said:


*The first bell rings in our schools tomorrow. I hope the new academic year will be beneficial to all our teachers, students and parents. As I have often said for years, the way to make Turkey gain wings is through education.

*Education is our main agenda. We have to first strengthen the ground of justice and equality of opportunity in every field, and then raise education on this ground.

*We have to bring the education system to a standard suitable for the conditions of our age. Because education is not only about individual success, it is also the only development tool of our country. In our country, the average education period of the population over the age of 25 is only 9 years. In other words, we have an average education level that has not completed secondary school.

*With this level of education, it is not possible for our country to enter the league of high-income countries. This is why we call it ‘equality of opportunity’. That’s why we say, ‘A good education is the right of our children and young people.’ We say, ‘Regardless of their income level, every child should have access to quality education.’


*Due to the high price increases and high inflation in recent years, millions of families cannot afford the basic education expenses of their children. As poverty deepens, the victimization of our children increases. The economic crisis environment affects our children and young people the hardest. In the 100th anniversary of the Republic, the minimum wage remained below the hunger line.

*How can we expect our children who cannot eat enough to be successful in school? How do we expect our families with incomes below the hunger line to cover their children’s school expenses? Believe me, my heart is breaking.

*I cannot accept that millions of our children are deprived of the education they deserve due to poor management. Our country; We have to raise it with a generation that can think sufficiently, question, and have dreams that do not fit into stereotypes.

*Moreover, we must do this immediately. Because our children and youth are not only our future; also today. We have to fulfill our responsibility for them from today.


*Unfortunately, the government’s view of education could not avoid being a ‘project to create its own generation’. In many periods, education has been confined to a narrow political or ideological perspective. We saw the worst consequence of this as unqualified education.

*When we look at the OECD PISA test results, we see this bitter truth. Our young people are far below the young people of other countries in terms of skill measurements. Because our young people are not given opportunities, they are not given opportunities.

*We also see very well how our young people who have the opportunity and opportunities achieve great success. Our young people have to study under much more difficult conditions and in a much more limited way than their peers around the world. Some of them cannot study and have to leave education in middle school or high school.

*Can we imagine a generation that learns, has access to information, and questions under these conditions? Under these conditions, can we make our country a part of global competition? To the Earth


*Look, I’m stating it very clearly: We have an objection. We cannot say that it came like this and that it will go like this. We do not accept this mediocrity. Our children and youth deserve much better.

*We have to implement a system where socio-economic conditions do not affect our children as much as possible and where qualified education can be accessed in every corner of our country, from north to south, east to west. I say it again: Schools should provide opportunities for formal education starting from the age of 3.

*The system and curriculum should be reconsidered. Our young people should be able to question, doubt, and think critically. Learning to learn and lifelong learning should be essential. Algorithmic thinking and coding skills should be developed at an early age.

*Language skills should be a subject that starts in kindergarten and constantly develops throughout the education process. There should be flexibility in the curriculum and more optional courses should be offered. Students’ social, emotional and psychological development should be supported at least as much as other areas.

*Discrimination and inequality, especially those faced by girls throughout their education life, must be combated. The reputation of the teaching profession should be raised and supported by in-service training and measurement and evaluation.


*Türkiye is a big and powerful country. Our country cannot be a country that falls behind the world in education. There cannot be a country where children can easily disconnect from education. We have to improve the quality of education.

*We set out with the dream of a Turkey that solves its basic needs and offers equal opportunities in education. We set out with the dream of having happy children and young people in every corner of our country. We will continue to do our best to make this happen with our knowledge and manpower. On the occasion of the opening of schools, I once again wish all our children, youth, parents and educators a successful and productive academic year. (PHOENIX)

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