Aliou Cissé (Senegal): “We have the offensive quality”

Aliou Cissé, the coach of Senegal, spoke this Thursday at a press conference, before the second match of the group stage, Friday, against Qatar.

“Do you feel back against the wall before this second match against Qatar and what is your state of mind?
The group lives well despite the defeat. Senegal was not bad, we stood up to one of the best teams currently in the world, 8th in the FIFA rankings (1-2 defeat against the Netherlands at the start of the competition). I think we deserved at least one point. A very important game is coming for both teams, Qatar and us. When we lose the first game, in a competition of this level, we have our backs against the wall on the second, but our collective experience and other games that we have played at this level of importance can help us to approach this well. appointment.

“I have no doubts, he has my full confidence”

Aliou Cissé, coach of Senegal, about his goalkeeper, Édouard Mendy

Your goalkeeper Édouard Mendy is going through a delicate period. After his complicated first match against the Netherlands, how do you feel about it?
He’s fine, he’s a boy with a strong mind. Of course we had to exchange, as I do with most players. Now, the qualities of Edouard are not to be doubted. He is a boy who is going through a little difficult times, but I have no doubts, he has my full confidence, that of his teammates, tomorrow he will be on the pitch.

What do you need to improve, offensively?
It will be a different game from the first. I have no doubt that we have the offensive quality to score. The important thing is efficiency, it’s a state of mind, a behavior, to be a little more killer in front of goal, to achieve, and I know that tomorrow we will have the possibility of scoring. The most important thing is to win to prepare well against Ecuador. I can understand that some doubt us, but the whole group wants to continue to write its history, for the supporters, and I appeal to you, to continue to believe in this team, to continue to pray, because we have especially the intention to make them proud. »

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