All-inclusive or last minute holidays on the Red Sea

Egypt is a beautiful and culturally diverse country that attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. Those who want to spend an unforgettable holiday choose the offers of travel agencies as part of an all-inclusive or last minute package. Are these models different? Which holiday is best to choose according to your preferences and needs?

What is worth knowing about all inclusive?

The all-inclusive system was first used by Club Med, founded by Gerard Blitz. Since 1950, this concept has undergone many evolutions, but its basic umptions have remained unchanged. All inclusive is an ideal solution for people who value maximum comfort and attractive relaxation. When paying for this type of holiday, the client receives full board, drinks and access to an open bar with alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks. The offer includes various forms of spending free time, e.g. spa, dance evenings, etc. The list of amenities depends on the travel agency organizing the holiday and the package selected by the client. Distinguishes:

· Standard All Inclusive – three meals a day, snacks, soft drinks and local drinks (all at specific hours and restaurants),

· All InclusiveLight – three meals, drinks (sometimes also alcoholic ones for dinner and lunch),

· All InclusivePlus – with extended hours of use of facilities,

· All Inclusive Premium – meals, snacks, drinks, local and imported drinks, dinner in the á la carte part of the restaurant (sometimes room service.

Egypt all inclusive

Egypt all inclusive is a great idea for a peaceful and successful holiday not only for individual clients, but also for entire families. As part of the purchased package, you can take advantage of many attractions that will make your holiday a great adventure. In addition to visiting picturesque Egypt, you can spend your free time swimming, playing tennis or ping-pong, dancing evenings, etc. Planned attractions for children include: playground and a special swimming pool. Egypt all inclusive is the perfect solution for people who don’t like boredom and love full fun. Thanks to the system, you can taste local delicacies prepared on the basis of products available in the land of the pharaohs. Alcohol lovers will have the opportunity to taste alcohol served with dinner and lunch in Egypt. It is worth knowing that many offers include optional trips that will certainly appeal to those interested in the history and culture of the land of the pharaohs. However, the all-inclusive package means not only a lot of attractions in the hotel, but also a comfortable and peaceful flight. Travel agencies enable their clients, among others, to: reservation of preferred seats, which is a great convenience in the case of a holiday for several people. From which cities are flights organized? In Poland this includes, among others: Warsaw, Katowice or Poznań.

What is Last Minute?

The Last Minute option was created for people who do not have specific holiday plans. This is also a tactic of travel agencies who do not want to lose money due to offers not purchased in advance. Last minute holidays appear a few days before the departure date. Therefore, you need to decide quickly to buy them, because this type of holidays are very popular, mainly for price reasons. The lower cost does not translate into the range of available attractions. The customer is entitled to the same facilities as a person who purchased the holiday well in advance. The exception is visiting places that had to be booked in advance.

Egypt last minute

Egypt is very often offered by travel agencies with last minute trips. Departures are organized for almost 12 months due to the constant temperature and warm waters. During your vacation, you can spend the entire day outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather and enjoying the views of the Red Sea. In the country of the pharaohs, you can easily communicate in English. The dominant currency is the Egyptian pound, but some restaurants also accept the euro. Pubs eagerly visited by tourists offer both local dishes and those known all over the world. Restaurants also have a special menu for children. What places are worth visiting in Egypt? You can spend your last minutes on water parks and walks on beaches located near the turquoise sea. Fans of water adventures should take diving lessons. Egypt has thousands of wonderful places to offer. The first point of rest is, of course, the famous pyramids in Giza. Another ideal place for tourists is the Valley of the Kings, where Egyptian rulers from the New Kingdom period are buried. The first king to order the construction of his tomb was Thutmose I, and the last – Ramesses XI. Finally, it is worth mentioning Marsa Alam, a town located in the south-east of Egypt, near Wadi Jemal National Park. You can find many entertainment and recreational attractions here. Diving cruises also depart regularly from Abu Dabab-Dugong Port.

Egypt all inclusive or last minute is a great idea for a successful holiday for yourself and your loved ones. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the offers of travel agencies and choosing holidays tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

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