Already 6.8 million tickets sold for the 2024 Olympics; a new phase of sales will be opened this summer

Tony Estanguet presented the results of the second phase of ticket sales for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In total, 6.8 million tickets have already been sold over the two phases, including 5.2 million via consumer sales.

In the second phase, 1.89 million tickets were sold. 58% of these sesames were at prices below 100 euros, 80% at less than 200 euros and 7% at prices greater than or equal to 400 euros. Estanguet insisted that these are “expensive tickets in small quantities that finance accessible tickets in large volumes”.

The chairman of the 2024 Olympics organizing committee was pleased with the success of the sale: more than a million tickets were sold in 36 hours. Tickets for Teddy Riner’s day all sold out in two hours. The sports where the most tickets have been sold are football, basketball and handball. Buyers came from 176 countries, with France coming in number 1 ahead of Great Britain and the United States.

A 3rd phase of sales without drawing lots starting this summer

Given the success, the Organizing Committee has decided to open the third phase of sales this summer, whereas it was initially planned for the end of the year. This time it will be a purchase phase without drawing lots and will concern places that have not yet found a buyer. The latter will undoubtedly be quite expensive places, even if Estanguet specified that there were still a number of places at 30 euros, in particular for football matches outside Paris.

There will also be no draw for the sale of tickets for the Paralympic Games, where 2.8 million places between 15 and 100 euros will be offered. It will be open on Monday, October 9.

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