Amélie Oudéa-Castéra opens the door to foreign investors for the Stade de France

The Minister of Sports and the Olympics, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, told the Senate on Tuesday that there was no “no reason to rule out a priori” a foreign investor for the Stade de France, which is looking for a new owner or a new concessionaire from the summer of 2025. The State launched two procedures last week: either a sale or a concession since the current one ends in July 2025. PSG, under the Qatari flag, has already confirmed that it will be a candidate.

Asked by Senator Laurent Lafon whether the French State, owner of the stadium, could sell this “sports emblem” To “a structure belonging to a foreign State”Amélie Oudéa-Castéra did not rule it out.

If he “should have been one who meets the protective conditions, which in the context of a transfer would in any case be fixed by law, or if this foreign investor were to participate in a group of operators, there is no reason to rule it out a priori and on principle”she said during the session of questions to the government in the Senate.

The FFF and the FFR “free to apply, to ociate, to negotiate”

The government official reaffirmed that the state is seeking “the best long-term project” keeping “the sporting vocation of the stadium” and in “preserving the economic and financial interests of the State”.

Asked also about the role of the Football and Rugby Federations, regular tenants, she replied that these were “free to apply, free to ociate with a candidate, free to negotiate the conditions of use of the stadium”.

Study of offers in 2024

The State published the two calls for tenders on March 7 with a date for the submission of bids on April 27 at 12:00 p.m., according to the documents consulted by AFP, and includes among the conditions the need to “achieve a minimum base of work” : “ticketing, door access control, access gates, perimeter grilles, public information at the doors, IT redundancy, video surveillance storage”.

The offers submitted, both for the transfer and for a concession, will be studied in 2024, for a probable allocation in 2025. Since 1995, it is a consortium made up of the two giants of the French construction industry, Vinci and Bouygues which operates the stadium.

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