American Presidents and the Crime Syndicate

THE CHRONICLE OF JAMES OF SAINT VICTOR – Revelations on the ambiguous relationships of the Roosevelt, Nixon, Reagan, Obama and Trump Administrations with the mafia.

This is a subject as fascinating as it is unusual. And very delicate. What role did the mafia play and perhaps still plays in the White House? Political historians find it difficult to address the question of occult powers, in particular mafia power. Danger of “conspiracy”. This prevention is not recent.

During the era of communism, while a Raymond Aron focused in France on “external enemies» of democracy, its Italian counterpart, the great thinker Norberto Bobbio, pointed out to him that democracy must also face “internal enemies», like the deviant secret services or the mafia. He added ironically that it was easier to understand it in Italy than in France because the peninsula was, according to him, the country where “invisible power is the most visible“. What about Uncle Sam’s homeland?

Who doesn’t know the names of Al Capone, Lucky Luciano or John Gotti, which the cinema has used to make black legends?

The functioning of American democracy seems to have nothing to envy of the peninsula which exported there at the end of the 19th century.e century its mafia…

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