Aminata Diallo overwhelmed in the Hamraoui case by the investigation report revealed by Le Parisien

Indicted and imprisoned in the case of the attack on Kheira Hamraoui, on November 4, 2021 in Chatou (Yvelines), Aminata Diallo is the subject of new revelations, unveiled by the Parisian and based on the investigation report of the crime prevention brigade of the judicial police of Versailles.

The BRB talks about “slow psychological drift that has become, so to speak, pathological” for Diallo. "It has thus been irrefutably proven that Aminata Diallo harbored a real hatred against her club partner, whom she considered an obstacle to her own sporting career" she adds, convinced that Diallo would have sponsored the attack on her former teammate.

Disturbing messages on WhatsApp

Investigators noticed a deep jealousy » from Aminata Diallo towards her partner, by searching through the two phones of the Grenoble woman. Messages of hate emerge, sent to a mysterious confidant nicknamed “Jaja”: “ I'm going to get ruthless now! I need someone but to fuck my job for free I don't accept... I wish them all bad luck, I only need my relatives. »

“A job” for money

On September 14, four men who participated in the attack were arrested. Among them, one, called "the little one" and charged by the other three, admits having received the mission to attack Hamraoui to handicap her sportingly for 500 euros.

According to the investigators, the real author of the blows with the iron bar is in fact a fifth man, whom no one wants to denounce for fear of reprisals. A suspect who could be linked to organized crime. The intermediary, in constant telephone contact with the aggressors during the mission, has also not been identified and could be “a relative of Aminata Diallo”.

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