Amour, Haine et Danger, the new title of Angèle very popular

Juliette Gréco had sung The Phone Complaint. In a clip with impeccable aesthetics, the singer denounces the addiction to smartphones which she says she herself suffers from.

“All that in an object, it still has to be well loaded
I have to turn it off to get away from it, if I forget it, I’ll have a great day”. In her new title unveiled on September 30, Angèle evokes the addiction to mobile phones, which rarely leave our hands. “All of this in one object, Love, hate and danger, In one object, All of this in one object, I can’t help it”: the message is simple, sometimes simplistic, but effective. If the Belgian singer tackles all the scourges of the 21st century, she will have a lot of work to do…

In a clip with impeccable photography and choreography, as often, unveiled that same day at 5 p.m., the star slips into the hull of this object that has become omnipresent in the daily life of a good part of the population. In a note of intent, she details her approach. “I imagined the situation if my phone, which contains so many elements of my life, became giant, like the importance it takes in life“, explains Angèle in a note of intent. The rapper’s sister Romeo Elvis declares having fun, with the director of the clip Brice VDH “to imagine scenes of daily life that would tell of our addiction to mobile phones». In the bathroom, in the toilet, in the restaurant, in the bedroom, at the skatepark, the giant iPhone is found in the hands of all generations in scenes that are sometimes absurd.

“Airplane mode on”

In her song, Angèle evokes all the harmful effects that this addiction has on her mental health: “Hate, stress, FOMO (fear of missing out or the fear of missing something, editor’s note), the dangers and everything that makes me feel like shit”. Faced with cyberbullying, it is also a way for Angèle to encourage the youngest to be wary of what they see on social networks. “We have absolute confidence in an object that ultimately brings us as many problems as pretty things.“, she explains.

The singer therefore calls for a switch to “airplane mode on, at least until tomorrow”. A few hours after the release of the title on music streaming platforms, Angèle publishes a story on her Instagram account that highlights the irony of this title: “I wrote a song about phone addiction and I find myself clinging to my phone to see your reactions to my song about my phone addiction.”

In October, the 26-year-old artist will hit the road again for his Nonante-five Tour, named after his album released in December 2021, with a first date in Bordeaux on October 7. On December 2 and 3, 2022, she will also be at the Défense Arena in Paris, with the crowd, no doubt, several thousand smartphones pointed at her.

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