“An attentive minister and constructive opposition”

Sébastien Lecornu, Minister for the Armed Forces. Coust Laurent/Coust Laurent/ABACA

COUNTERPOINT – If the text of Sébastien Lecornu on the military programming law is not yet unanimous, the Minister of the Armies does so with his most resolute opponents.

The parliamentary calendar is facetious. While the government is under threat of a perilous vote on pensions on June 8he should register the day before a large victory over the military programming law (LPM). There is still a week of discussion, but the most optimistic dream of a vote without votes against, the reservations resulting in simple abstentions.

We are not there yet. Anxious to snatch concessions or budget extensions, and not to give a blank check to Macronist power, the opposition groups are careful not to reveal their final position. As for Sebastien Lecornu, he is too cunning to sell the bear skin before the end of the proceedings. But if the word “constructive” has any meaning, it is to the parliamentary discussion of this LPM that it applies. This is due to the subject, the personality of the deputies invested and the personal commitment of the Minister for the Armed Forces.

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