An educator from Avenir Foot Lozère died and eleven young players injured in a road accident

A road accident involving two minibuses, which followed each other and transported young players from Avenir Foot Lozère (based in Mende), occurred Sunday evening on the National 88 at the height of La Loubière, near Rodez. For reasons still unknown, one of the drivers of the two minibuses lost control and his vehicle rolled over.

According Press Center, the report shows one dead, one of the two minibus drivers, aged 27, who was also an educator at the Avenir Foot Lozère club. Another man, 26 years old, was in absolute emergency on Sunday evening. In addition, there were eleven injured children, including two teenagers aged 13, in relative emergency.

According to France 3 Occitanie, this Monday morning, all the children, except one, had emerged from the hospital. A young person is indeed still hospitalized with several fractures and a pneumothorax, but his life is no longer in danger. “It’s awful. We are completely lost. We try to support each other. The big Lozère football family is in mourning. told the chain Fabien Bernard, the president of the club.

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