An electric car for 100 euros per month: this is what social leasing could look like

The contours, long blurred, of the presidential promise to make electric cars accessible to the French the most modest for 100 euros per month are taking shape. According to Les Échos this Monday eveningthe final decisions are about to be made this week, particularly on the criteria for allocating vehicles.

Those of territoriality and type of profession would not have been retained. A setback for Clément Beaune, the Minister of Transport, who had imagined first opening the system to low-income households who live in rural areas or on the outskirts of low-emission zones (ZFE). But the measure would have been disavowed in high places, where it was deemed inapplicable… “What type of profession would we have selected? asks a source close to the matter. Why a salesperson and not a nurse? We would have incurred the wrath of the professions not selected. »

Be careful, however, the Ministry of Energetic transition, this Monday evening, as well as the Élysée, which is following the matter very closely, refused to confirm this information. Some close to the president were even annoyed, off-screen: “It’s a leak from the cabinet Béchu (the Minister of Ecological Transition), They say anything to put pressure on…”

Stellantis plays the game, Renault a little less

Between 15,000 and 20,000 cars would be offered for social leasing next year. “For the moment, there are only Stellantis models,” regrets the source who is well aware of the subject. The Renault group does not play the game, it only offers its old Zoé. » Recently, Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, spoke for his part the new Citroën ëC3 and the Fiat 500 of the Stellantis group, but also, still, the Renault Twingo E-Tech.

These are 50 million euros which should be directly earmarked to finance the electric car at 100 euros per month next year. How will the system be implemented? A government site should be available at the beginning of December, it is up to eligible people to register with all supporting documents.

Social leasing should concern households whose reference tax income per share does not exceed the bar of 14,700 euros, or a little less than 3,300 euros net per month for a couple with one child. In the event of a positive response in the following weeks, it is, according to our information, the dealer network which will be called upon to distribute the vehicles. The first cars were expected at the start of the year, but they should ultimately only be made available to lucky motorists in the spring.

Two political pitfalls remain. First, the risk of a presidential promise of social leasing at 100 euros per month not being kept, since insurance could increase its overall bill, possibly by several dozen euros. “Bad” drivers, those whose penalties pile up due to repeated accidents, should in particular pay the price.

Then, the danger of not being able to serve everyone. The rule that is emerging is that of first come, first served. What will happen if 40,000 eligible people register on the site, twice the number of vehicles available? Jean-Marc Zulesi, the president (Renaissance) of the sustainable development committee in the National embly, campaigned for the extension of the measure to hybrid vehicles in order to satisfy demand. An idea which, for the moment, has not been retained.

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