An expanded version of the book at the origin of the Orpea scandal appears this Wednesday

Journalist Victor Castanet received the Albert Londres Prize for his investigative book The Gravediggers. JOEL SAGET / AFP

The author of the investigation, Victor Castanet, returns in these additional pages to the scabrous backstage of the publication of his investigation and attacks by name political and media personalities.

His investigation had the effect of a bomb in the public debate. In 38 chapters and nearly 400 pages, The Gravediggers by Victor Castanet documented with surgical precision the odious practices of Ehpad Orpea. In summary, abuse and cigarette butting. A year later, to the day, the journalist who has since received the Albert London prize is publishing an expanded version of his book on Wednesday. Ten additional chapters to tell the scabrous backstage of the publication of his investigation.

Victor Castanet first goes back to the petty shenanigans of which he was the object. He had already told of the gag of 15 million euros offered – in vain – by Orpea before the publication of the book. The journalist informs this time about “the strange underground chess game” which was played out to counter his investigation, with great support from economic intelligence companies, communication agencies, and even political support.

Victor Castanet specifically denounces the practices of Jean-Louis Borloo or even Cyril Hanouna. The latter organized a survey shortly after the publication of the book live from his show on D8: is it “baseless accusations“, he asks the viewers, who respond positively to more than 70%. The augmented version of the survey tells how this survey would have been rigged on the initiative of Orpea and with the help of experts in digital reputation, according to the author of the book. As for the former minister, he would have given advice to Sophie Boissard, director of Korian and former collaborator of Jean-Louis Borloo, including not to answer the journalist’s questions. The interested party denies.

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Severely judged controls

Leaving the economic field, Victor Castanet also writes on the political consequences caused by his investigation. In the midst of the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron and his teams are worried, according to him, about the weakness of the outgoing president’s record in terms of old age, in particular the law on dependency promised at the start of the first five-year term and buried in the meantime. As proof, according to Victor Castanet, the redoubled efforts of the president’s entourage to prevent the opening of a parliamentary inquiry into Orpea. As for the controls of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas) in Ehpad Orpea, carried out by the executive, they are very severely judged by the author.

the new CEO of Orpea Laurent Guillot reacted Wednesday morning on France Info to this new warning shot from journalist Victor Castanet. The new revelations are aimed, according to him, “the practices of former leaders” and “relate to the past“. “Me, I’m here to take care of the future and the present“, he said, after recalling that 30 senior executives were dismissed after the publication of the investigation to make a clean sweep of bad practices. “We have changed a lot in the last few months“, hammered the new CEO of Orpea.

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