An investigation has been opened in Berlin after reports of poisoning of Russian oppositionists

The state security department of the Berlin police began an investigation into the possible poisoning of participants in the Russian opposition conference in April. This was reported by a police representative in response to journalistic requests from Radio Liberty and the newspaper Welt am Sonntag. Earlier, the Russian publication “Agentstvo” wrote about the symptoms of the deportation of two Russians who participated in a conference in Germany.

The meeting of representatives of the Russian opposition took place at the end of April in Berlin. As the agency wrote, malaise arose in two participants of the event. One of them is Natalia Arno, head of the “Free Russia” foundation. The second is a journalist who recently left Russia, whose name the publication did not disclose.

It follows from the “Agency” material that both participants felt unwell even before the conference. Arno applied to the hospital in the USA, where the unnamed journalist now lives, to the largest Berlin clinic “Sharite”. In particular, Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny and Mediazony publisher Peter Verzilov were treated there at different times with symptoms of poisoning.

It follows from the “Agency” material that the possible poisoning of Arno is being investigated by the American Federal Bureau of Investigation. The agency did not comment on this.

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