an investigation opened for “public insult”

An investigation was opened for “public insult towards a person holding public authority” after comments by Jean-Luc Mélenchon on the Motorcycle Violent Action Repression Brigade (BRAV-M) reported by the prefect of police, Laurent Nunez, the Paris prosecutor’s office reported to AFP on Friday March 31, confirming information from Parisian.

This investigation, opened since Wednesday and entrusted to the Brigade for the repression of delinquency against persons, targets the leader of La France insoumise (LFI) after remarks made on Sunday on the BRAV-M, a unit recently implicated in several cases of police violence in the context of demonstrations against the pension reform.

On LCI, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had declared about the members of this unit: “We will send these young people for treatment”. “Can you imagine what it’s like to say I volunteer to get on a motorcycle and beat up people as I p? It’s showing a state of mind that doesn’t suit me and that I find abnormal.”continued the “rebellious” leader, adding: “For me, this is not a normal activity”. “There are all kinds of violence for which we have had treatment, hearings, we are thinking”he said again.

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The dissolution of the BRAV-M rejected

The former presidential candidate repeated the wish of his troops to ” dissolve ” this unit, a proposal which is also currently supported by a petition.

The Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that its investigation also targeted lawyer Arié Alimi, who is the subject of a separate report from the prefect of police. On RMC, on March 22, he declared that the BRAV-M “are a certain type of volunteer police officers, who seek violence, that’s how they are selected, who are thrown into the streets of Paris with batons and weapons, who break bones and who go on hunts to the man as seen in the pictures all day long right now ».

Arié Alimi regularly defends victims of police violence, such as the family of Cédric Chouviat, a delivery man died in Paris following an arrest in early 2020.

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Tuesday, Laurent Nunez had rejected any dissolution of the BRAV-M and castigated them « staggering (…) comparisons made with the “voltigeurs” »these motorcycle units implicated in the death of the French student of Algerian origin Malik Usekin in 1986.

taking on the “remarks against its officials, which are insulting and some of which fall under criminal and judicial qualification”Laurent Nunez had warned that “Now, whoever is saying that – a politician, a lawyer –”he would enter “systematically the justice of these insults”.

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