An Irresistible Offenbach enchants the Théâtre de Py

CRITICAL – Jean-Paul Farré plays the composer in the comedy by Bruno Druart and Patrick Angonin. For the better and for fun.

First table. The characters are plunged into semi-darkness; they sing ” Beautiful night, oh night of love “, an aria by Jacques Offenbach. Then slip away silently backstage. We do not see the composer of Tales of Hoffmann immediately but we discover his relatives: Amandine, his devoted secretary (Claudine Barjol), Pitou, the stage manager (Daniel-Jean Colloredo, unrecognizable), and an old friend of the composer, a soldier who fought for the Emperor (David Le Roch). They talk about the humor and the health of the musician whose heart is entirely occupied by his mistress.

Jacques Offenbach, who then directed the Théâtre des Bouffes Parisiens, was devoured by his pion for the singer with the golden voice, Hortense Schneider, his muse (busty Héloïse Wagner). He also struggles to create new works. And too bad if the money is missing! Jean-Paul Farré lends the composer his burlesque allure. The actor, musician, singer and director…

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