An open investigation into the verdict of a murder trial in Corsica

The father of Jean-Michel German, a 35-year-old mechanic killed in Corse-du-Sud, had high hopes for the trial, in Ajaccio, in March 2021, of the men suspected of the assassination of his son. The defendants did not know, in fact, that their car was under the surveillance of the police in a case of drug trafficking. On the day of the ambush, the investigators had no “eye contact”, but they had heard the gunshots. His disappointment was great. The suspects were all acquitted. What this father did not know was that at the same time, the names of all the jurors of the assize court responsible for trying his son’s case were on the phone of a liege man from the local mafia. Useful information to try to alleviate the fate of his followers.

This discovery occurred in 2021, during the search of the phone by Johann Carta 48 years old, whose name has become as present in the Ajaccio region as in the island’s legal files. Presented by justice as “the steward” business of the Petit Bar, the dominant criminal group of Corse-du-Sud, it arouses, according to the investigators, ” a fear “, who cannot be “made possible only by belonging to a constituted group”. Ajaccian justice has opened a judicial investigation to find out if this acquittal would be the result of threats from the Corsican community. The public prosecutor’s office appealed the decision and wants to disorient the next trial.

A mafia system draws its strength from the fear it inspires, but only acts in the front line when necessary, hence the importance of “pivotal role”, says justice, played by characters like Johann Carta, passed, in ten years, from the status of manager of a fashionable beach hut to that of a multi-card businessman and presumed intermediary. The examination, in 2021, by the police, of his telephone had already made it possible to discover the recording of a conversation, in 2019, with Jean-André Miniconi, the main car dealer on the island, and then candidate for the municipal election of 2020 in Ajaccio, recorded without his knowledge. We understand from the exchange that Mr. Carta would have tried to “dissuade” to run against Laurent Marcangeli, the outgoing mayor.

A separate procedural treatment

Johann Carta already appeared on the sidelines of the vast money laundering investigation involving 48 million euros of suspicious investments, in which is, in particular, continued Jacques Santoni, the chef of Le Petit Bar and local sponsor. From now on, Johann Carta benefits from a separate procedural treatment. Having become, in 2022, president of Gazélec d’Ajaccio, the second professional football club in the city, he is today the target of an open judicial investigation by the head of illegal exercise of the profession of player agent. Surveillance has shown that he could have acted in this capacity with Paris Saint-Germain, to try to sell a young Corsican player, who will end up being recruited by a professional club in Sardinia.

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