an uncertain first ballot

91,110 members of the Republicans must choose between Éric Ciotti, Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau, this weekend, for the presidency of the party. Sebastien SORIANO/Le Figaro

Éric Ciotti, Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau are in the running for the presidency of the Republicans. An electronic vote is organized this weekend. Result Sunday.

Republicans at the polls. 91,110 members of the LR party are called to participate in the electronic vote organized this weekend to express their preference between Eric Ciotti, Aurelien Pradie and Bruno Retailleau. If none of the three candidates manages to win a majority on Sunday evening, a second round will be organized next weekend to determine a winner among the two finalists.

At the end of an intense campaign, everyone agrees on the difficulty of the forecasts and the three parliamentarians in the running are also expecting a close match.

At the end of these long weeks of militant life, Annie Genevard praises the involvement of the competitors. “The stakes are decisive for each of them. They carried out an extraordinary campaign of commitment and respect for our members, everywhere in France.welcomes the interim president.

She also highlights the “suspense” of a political battle waged “blindly” and “without polls” ensuring a “special strength” in the ballot. “Éric Ciotti, Aurélien Pradié and Bruno Retailleau all really want to win. There is no candidacy for testimony”, she assures.

Giving the image of a rather united party

Even deputy Éric Ciotti remained focused until the end of the campaign, when he had been announced as a favorite in light of his score obtained at the LR presidential congress. He had risen to the top of the first lap before giving way to the second in front of Valérie Pécresse.

It must be said that after hundreds of meetings, multiple trips to the federations, a televised debate on LCI and a great oral in national council, none of the three competitors ever appeared in a position to crush the match. Despite inevitable scratches and a few jolts, the three elected officials played the card of courtesy and gave the image of a political movement rather united on the idea of ​​rebuilding an independent right.

For many LR executives, the legitimacy of this ambition was reinforced by the episode of theocean viking , perceived as the mirror of the political impotence of the executive. “If after that, some still find right-wing qualities in Emmanuel Macron…“, had in particular criticized Bruno Retailleau. However, we have been able to observe that the meetings “informal“between certain elected LR and figures of the macronist right had not stopped.

Facing the next elections

Faced with multiple challenges, including that of their political survival, Les Républicains are called upon to vote this weekend with a few urgent matters in mind, such as the preservation of the unity of the movement and the construction of a new right-wing political offer. .

But beyond the winner or the finalists who will emerge on Sunday, Les Républicains know that the reconquest of the right-wing electorate will be essential to face the next electoral deadlines, until the presidential. This is why this meeting is the first step in the complete overhaul promised by the three candidates. LR voters are eager to find a compass. And the taste of victories.

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