an unstoppable Monegasque collective, the Mets overwhelmed… The tops/flops of match 1 of the Betclic Elite finals

Score without appeal to Gaston-Médecin: Monaco dominated back and forth a team from Boulogne-Levallois who did not know on which foot to dance… The tops and flops of this first game.


The Monegasque collective at the rendezvous

It’s simple: all the players who entered the court tonight scored at least one basket. Still undefeated in this play-off campaign, the Monegasques did not come to make up the numbers. Recital. Alley-oops, blind pes, dunks… The Roca Team was in showtime mode. Beyond the spectacle aspect, the meticulous preparation of their actions made it possible to find shooters wide open at 3 points when Boulogne-Levallois defended individually. The page in zone did not change much… In short, the attack of Monaco, led by a Mike James in maestro mode with 12 points and 8 ists, cut then recut the defense of Ile-de-France. It would also be complicated to criticize the relaxation of the Roca Team in the second half, as the gap acquired at the break (+31) was immense…

The burst of pride of Armel Traoré

If it was complicated, individually, to win in the offensive slump of the Metropolitans, the contribution of Armel Traoré (15 points in 16 minutes at 7/13 shooting), is to be highlighted. Beyond the statistical aspect (he is the best scorer of his team and of the match), it is necessary to be interested in the source of his points. On offensive rebounds, on angry drives, Traoré (20) scored his points after a lot of effort. He was the only one (in the second half) to refuse to be swept away in this way by ASM. A state of mind that will be reiterated by all of his teammates for the next match, in two days.

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What happened to the Mets winning spirit?

Dropped, without a solution, confused… Words fail. The debacle will have been total. In the game, it was already complicated, but in the heads, it was surely worse. The face shown by Boulogne-Levallois this Saturday evening is cause for concern. No one was able (wanted?) to sound the revolt in the ranks of the Ile-de-France region. No burst of pride in the area either. In the final, the Mets cannot afford to display such a face. The reaction of Vincent Collet’s players is expected at the next match, Monday, still in Monaco.

Mets executives didn’t lead the way

One of the causes of the failing mentality of the Mets, could well be the absence of the executives. Lahaou Konaté was transparent (2 points) and did not try to create an electroshock. Same thing for Bandja Sy, Steve Ho You Fat or Tashawn Thomas. Although Levallois does not necessarily expect 10 points in each match from the four players mentioned, they must speak on the bench, on the field to better wake up the troops. With their experience, they must be able to transform themselves into vocal leaders.

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