And now, a comic about bedbugs!

“In a professional capacity, I have been interested in this creature for fifteen years”: Nicolas, founder of the Si Toit Lien ociation, based in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), regularly runs collective workshops for families facing Bedbugs. “Our job is to help people improve their living conditions in their homes and to ease crisis situations. »

Well before the general excitement this fall around bedbugs, the ociation was sorry about too institutional communication around the insect. “Two years ago, we were looking for a family prevention tool, games, films but we found nothing. We then wanted to create our own support, which was unusual, fun to read and funny. » The bedbug has therefore become the heroine of a comic book.

“Spread the message in a stress-relieving way”

“Cartoon drawings allow you to convey the message in a stress-relieving way,” says Nicolas. In addition to the work of the illustrator, the ociation called on researchers specializing in insects to understand its development and explain the right actions to adopt at home.

PODCAST. Bedbugs: the big worry

The 108-page comic strip was printed in 3,000 copies and supported in particular by the Primary Health Insurance Fund, the Regional Health Agency and the Abbé Pierre Foundation. “In return for this financial istance, we will distribute books to disadvantaged families affected by the problem. » The comic is sold for 20 euros on the website from the ociation.

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