Angèle, Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine, Suzanne Vega… the program for the Fête de l’Huma

She left her family for good last year. historic site of Seine-Saint-Denis because of the Olympic Games, and its new location on a former air base in Essonne promises to be permanent. The Huma Festival still attracted 400,000 people in Brétigny-sur-Orge and hopes to increase its counters this weekend. There are still three-day pes at 60 euros (they were 45 euros when the ticket office opened in April), to buy on site or online.

As usual, the festival succeeds in programming some great headliners. This Friday evening, the rap duo Djadja and Dinaz (their two dates at Bercy in December have been sold out for months), DJ Martin Solveig and Imany will be on the big stage. Saturday, Bigflo and Oli, Disiz, Jeanne Added, Soolking and even La Femme are eagerly awaited. The stage companions of François Hadji Lazaro, who died last February, will pay tribute to him by reprising the successes of Pigalle, Los Carayos and Les Garçons Bouchers. Suzanne Vega, who is rarely seen, will offer a concert on the Zebrock stage on Sunday, while Angèle will rock the bodies on the main Angela Davis stage. The festival will close with ThiéfaineFlorent Marchet, the Fatals Picards or even Zaho De Sagazan which was last weekend at Paris Paradis, the Parisian festival.

A family area will offer Hot in front. The cinema programming is focused on documentaries. “Ideas of genius” shows how the boss of Gifi and Tati, Philippe Ginestet, stands out in the closed circle of big bosses, with his atypical management methods. Here too, the genres are varied, with a docu-portrait on the father of Julian ange, the founder of WikiLeaks in prison, or another which looks back on Pinochet’s coup d’état, in Chile, in 1973.

Children will be treated to three giant puppet parades on Saturday. A walk that will also allow you to manipulate these XXL characters. In the aisles of the Festival, the activist piece “Allons enfants” will be performed, freely inspired by the numerous citizen gatherings who wanted to change society, or “Resist”, a performance by activist artists.

Two comedians are summoned to the laughter bar, Aymeric Lompret Saturday and Audrey Vernon Sunday. In the family area, the Chaud avant forum theater will show what actions Inès, in CM 2, could do on a daily basis to slow down global warming.

Festival-goers also come to enjoy the atmosphere of the 400 stands (political parties, unions, ociations, etc.) which invite local groups. Some spend the weekend dancing in front of these stands, to exchange ideas and chat over a drink, couscous or an aligot. Diversity spices up the party all the way to the plate.

Humanity Day, from Friday noon to Sunday evening, on the former air base 217, in Brétigny-sur-Orge (91).

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