Angèle reveals herself in “Les Rencontres du Papotin”

Angèle in “The meetings of Papotin” Elise Llinares

WE WATCHED FOR YOU – The Belgian singer lent herself to the game of questions, more than spontaneous, from non-professional journalists, carriers of autistic disorders, from the France 2 program.

She is not used to revealing her private life, and yet. The singer faced this Saturday, May 20 directly after the 8 p.m. news broadcast on France 2to non-professional journalists of the Papotin. The show is inspired by the annual newspaper The Papotin composed of young people with autism spectrum disorder. After Gilles Lellouche, Emmanuel Macronor Virginie Efira, it was Angèle’s turn to be transparent in this interview.

And from the beginning, it is placed under the sign of good humor. One of the journalists, despite her embarrment at the idea of ​​asking this question, launches out and asks her for the telephone number of her brother, Romeo Elvis, rapper. Angela bursts out laughing : “I can’t, after he will be angry with me”, she defuses. The next speaker switches to more serious and personal questions and asks him if he ever settles accounts with people. “All the time. By song. I like to settle my accounts but I like to do it in a way … in song”she explains.

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The artist then confided in the consequences of her life as a star, which she leads at a hundred miles an hour. “By dint of doing so much, all the time, it doesn’t quite leave room for doing other things.” She then expands by explaining that “That doesn’t leave room, for example, for a completely spontaneous or sincere life. Sometimes I feel like […] it’s kinda hard to remember who i am. When I’m too spontaneous I expose myself, and I expose a part of me that is more fragile. It is this trait of his personality that he misses the most, spontaneity in the purest way possible, “the one I had at the beginning”.

“If I can be honest…”

And precisely, his participation in the program broadcast on France 2 meets his need for sincerity given that at Papotin, “we can say everything“. “I don’t want to come to sell something, I wanted to live this experience because it interested me a lot but not because it was going to bring me anything and I think it’s the same for you. .”

A new journalist asked her about her state of mind before going on stage and wanted to know if she hated herself during this moment. “Not before but after […] I have and have long had a big problem with televisions. I hated being on TV, I had too many bad experiences on TV.The 27-year-old artist then shared his resentment against the complex exercise of the televised page. “I hated seeing myself again and I’ve always been, if I can be honest, pretty bad at TV […] Television is live. I have no right to be wrong and obviously I am wrong. And that is very distressing.“Yet during this new edition of the “Rencontres du Papotin”, the guest agreed at short notice to perform a song on the piano with one of her interviewers.

I don’t choose to fall in love, it’s just someone


The show was punctuated with strong and touching moments. Among them, the reaction of Angèle, moved to tears, at the reading of Rudy’s poem or the confessions about her panity. “It’s not a choice. I don’t choose to fall in love, it’s just someone.”

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